“I can grow sound crew here and train others to come into this work who wish to live and work here. I can spend the money in my budgets on supplies, rentals and living expenses here in this state. I can remain in Louisiana to provide a home base for my family to continue on.”

Paul Ledford
C.A.S. Production Sound Mixer

“I moved my family to Baton Rouge in the summer of 2010. Since then I have continued to work steadily on quality features such as “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”, “The Host”, “Oblivion” and “Shreveport”.  I am grateful that I can keep working on productions here in Baton Rouge and provide my kids with an affordable education and a great quality of
life that this city has to offer.”

Gary Kelso
Film Grip

Clara Finley

“We have celebrities in here all the time and are happy to see them referred to us by other celebrities and locals alike”

Clara Finley
Service Manager, Bumble Lane Spa

Erin Ourso

“With capabilities as diverse as the films we’ve serviced, our relationship with the film industry grew beyond our wildest expectations.  We can only hope that the industry is here to stay and that both the production companies and Vivid Ink Graphics will continue to benefit from filming in Baton Rouge.”

Erin Ourso
Vivid Ink Graphics

“The film industry has done an exceptional job of utilizing local resources for their projects.  We have enjoyed working with set designers to provide props for several projects.  It's been an exciting and promising line of business for us that we hope will continue to grow.”

Emily Dykes
VP, The Royal Standard

“Being a Los Angeles Film crew transplant I am so happy that I live in Baton Rouge. New Orleans is a fun place to visit, but I couldn't be happier to live and work in Baton Rouge.”

Rocky Babcock
Libra Head Operator