By Baton Rouge

The Preferred Vendor Discount (PVD) is an additional incentive offered to incoming productions by partnering with area businesses that are willing to offer a discount on purchases made by cast and crew during their production period. As a member of the PVD you may choose the discount you offer, whether it be a flat percentage off such as 10% or 15% or a varied discount determined on a case by case basis, you determine what is best for you. It is our goal to make doing business in the capitol area easy and affordable while fostering a long-term relationship between the entertainment industry and area businesses like you.

The purchases can range from set needs to personal needs, all businesses are welcome and needed. Everyone participating in the PVD is made available on the BY BATON ROUGE iPhone app. The app is free and available to all.  Since inception of the BR Film Commission in 2007, the entertainment industry has spent over $550 million dollars in our area alone! For further information or contact us for details.

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