The Baton Rouge Film Commission houses a digital location library system, powered by Reel Scout™, which allows us to customize a location package specific to your needs.  Continuously updated, this location library enables us to respond faster without the transmission of large image files.

For questions about locations please contact info@filmbatonrouge.com

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  • Take photos of your location and be sure the lighting is a good quality so the production can get a clear idea of what it looks like on camera.
  • Take photos of all rooms or spaces that you would allow being used for filming (do not add photos of rooms that are off limits).
  • Include special or unique features of your property.
  • We recommend a 360 degree photo of each space, including interior and exterior.
  • Be sure to include pictures of the view of your location (is there a parking lot across the street, is there a sidewalk, do you have building close by, etc.) 
  • Maximum file size for each photo is 5.00 MB.
  • Maximum number of photo uploads is 10.

What Happens if I am Notified By a Production?

  • You will most likely be contacted by a locations manager hired by a production. He or she may schedule a visit to take more photos.
  • Others from the production, such as the producer, director, director of photography and production designer, may want to see the property.
  • If your property is selected for the production, the following items will need to be discussed:
    • Availability: dates, times, number of prep, shoot and wrap days (Flexibility is key! Schedules often change at the last minute).    
    • Location Fee: The rate you will be compensated for use of your property (Rates vary from one production to the next, this will be negotiated with the locations manager).
    • Requests: Productions may ask to make changes at your property, a room painted or a painting taken down (This is your opportunity to grant their request or refuse. They need you to be honest).     

What Do I Need to Do? 

  • You will need to sign a location agreement prepared by the locations manager.
  • You may need to provide a key to your property if you will not be present to meet crew coming to prepare for filming either prior to the shoot day or the day of the shoot day. 
  • Some productions allow you to stay during filming, others request that you make other arrangements during filming (You are often compensated by the production for alternate accommodations. Keep in mind, pets may need to be boarded). 

What Does the Production Need to Do?

  • The production will sign the location agreement once all is approved by both parties.
  • The production will provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance.
  • The locations manager will give you the schedule including dates and times for prep, shoot and wrap dates.
  • After filming, the location manager will do a walk through of your property. If something at your property has been lost or damaged, please make the location manager aware as soon as possible so he can follow through with the production company to make amends. 
If you have any questions before, during or after the process, please contact our office at (225)382-3562 or info@filmbatonrouge.com 
We are committed to our community as well as our filmmakers and strive to make Filming in baton rouge a pleasant experience for all parities.