Production Terms

  • T

    • Teamsters

      National union of truck drivers and associated workers who drive all trucks and production vehicles to and from location.

    • Ten-One Hundred

      (10-100) Slang used to indicate going to the bathroom. 

    • Turnaround

      Term for the REST PERIOD required by the union in between being dismissed from the set and arriving at the set the next day. 

  • W

    • Waiver

      1) A procedure when the Company wants permission to violate a condition of a labor contract with the Guild or Union. If approved, the Guild or Union will then “grant a waiver.”
      2) Refers to Non-union Extras when the Company that employs them is signatory to the SAG agreement. 

    • Walkaway

      1) When everything is left exactly as is at the end of the day. 
      2) When there is no catered lunch and the crew breaks in the neighborhood to eat. 


      Handheld two-way radio used by film crew to communicate. 

    • Will Notify

      When an Actor is obligated to remain in close touch with the Assistant Director(s). 

    • Wrap

      Indicates that the actors can be dismissed for the day and lets the crew know that they should either begin or continue duties required at the end of the day.