Production Terms

  • D

    • Dailies

      The initial screenings of recently shot, unedited footage by the Director and Cast and Crew Members or Studio Executives who are invited. 

    • Day for Night

      Shooting a night sequence (often only one shot) during day light. 

    • Day Out of Days

      Working schedule for the Cast Members. Includes information on when Actors are on ‘hold’ (still paid but not scheduled to work), and are unavailable due to traveling. 

    • Day Player

      Actor who only works on the film for a short time and is paid at a daily rate.

    • DGA

      Directors Guild of America. A Union for Directors, Assistant Directors, Unit Production Managers, Technical Coordinators, Associate Directors, Stage Managers, and sometimes Production Associates.

  • E

    • Establishing Shot

      A short, typically wide-angle shot that tells the audience where the story takes place; i.e. a shot of the Manhattan skyline for a film taking place in NYC.

    • Executive Producer

      Senior to all other producers on a project, this person can be in charge of anything from fundraising to marketing to making decisions about production. Executive Producer on a TV show usually means the creator of the series.

  • F


      Camera Crew Member who takes care of the camera, changes lenses, focuses the camera, and takes measurements on the set.

    • First Team

      Call for Actors, Director, Script Supervisor and Mixer, if necessary, to take their places for a rehearsal. 

  • G


      Oversees lighting set-up as per instructions from the Director of Photography. Term comes from “Gaff,” a pole with a hook on the end used to move hanging lights.