Production Terms

  • A

    • Abby Singer

      The penultimate shot of the day. Named for an Assistant Director known for calling “Last Shot” when he really wanted to do one more afterwards.

    • Action

      The Director or Assistant Director’s cue to the actors that shoot is beginning. Camera and Sound Departments are called earlier with the command, “ROLL” “ROLL PLEASE” or “ROLLING.”

    • Added Scene

      Scene that is added after the script is finished. Typically these scenes will be labeled with an “A”; i.e. a scene added between scenes 1 and 2 is called scene “A2.”

    • Associate Producer

      Producer typically responsible for post production work.

    • Atmosphere, Background

      Term for extras in a scene. The Assistant Director will call “Background” or “Background Action” so that these extras will begin their work just before the main actors are cued. ND ATMOSPHERE or ND CAR is where ND stands for “non-descript.” This is when the Director wants extras or vehicles that will make the scene realistic but won’t distract the audience from the action. ND extras and cars can be reused.

  • B


      Terms which all mean that the cast and crew should return to their initial positions to prepare for another take.

    • Bells

      Usually a Set PA will ring a loud bell three times, to let everyone know to be quiet during sound recording. The mixer will ring the bell one more time to signal that recording is done. 

    • Best Boy

      Assistant to the CHIEF LIGHTING TECHNICIAN, Assistant to the GAFFER or Assistant to the KEY GRIP.

    • Boom Person

      Holds and positions the boom, an adjustable pole with a microphone on the end. Sometimes this person will use a Boom Crane.

  • C

    • Call Sheet

      Master Sheet issued daily telling cast and crew where and when they are needed to report for the day of shooting. Includes critical information for a PA on set.