Short Documentary Filmmaking Intensive

Date: August 01–08, 2014

7117 Florida Blvd. Suite 314
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Event Information

Enrollment is NOW open for the Short Documentary Filmmaking Intensive! Sign up to join a team of professional instructors for an exciting hands on documentary filmmaking experience. Learn with your peers when you make a 12-minute short documentary about the Lincoln Theater from research and development to on set production, interviews and post production editing and sound design. Be a part of continuing to make history by becoming a documentary filmmaker.

Qualifications: Students may apply for the program who are over the age of 14+ years old. Students under the age of 18 will require parent/ guardian permission. Residents of Old South, Baton Rouge are encouraged to apply.

**Parental Permission Slip will be required prior to acceptance for all applicants under the age of 18.**

Price: Price for this program is $100 for all Non-residents of Old South Baton Rouge. Residents of Old South Baton Rouge will be EXEMPT of fee.

Enroll here: