17th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival

Date: September 26, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM–8:00 PM

Event Information

Filmgoers in Baton Rouge will unite with audiences in over 250 cities spanning six continents to view and judge the work of the next generation of filmmakers from around the world when the 17th Annual MANHATTAN SHORT Film Festival screens at  Manship Theatre on September 26th at 7pm

This year, MANHATTAN SHORT received 589 short film entries from 47 countries, England, Norway, Australia, Netherlands, France, Mexico, Germany and the USA are the countries represented in this year’s Festival. These short films will not only entertain a global audience but will be judged by that audience as well. Cinema goers will become instant film critics as they will be handed a ballot upon entry that allows them to vote for Best Film and Best Actor.  Votes will be sent through to MANHATTAN SHORT HQ with the winner announced at ManhattanShort.com on Monday, Oct. 6, at 10 AM (EST).

With past finalists achieving the ultimate in recognition by being nominated and even winning the Oscar in the short film category, MANHATTAN SHORT is known as a breeding ground for the next big thing in film. The 10 selected films are set in diverse locales, ranging from outer space to the deserts of Mexico and the mountains of Norway to the streets of New York, Berlin, London, and Amsterdam. 
The MANHATTAN SHORT 2014 line-up is as follows:

Finalists for 2014:
"97%"      (Ben Brand)    Netherlands
"Crime – The Animated Series"     (Alix Lambert & Sam Chou)  USA
“On The Bridge”     (Elena Fuller)    England
“Shift”     (James Croke)   Australia
“The Fall"               (Andreas Thaulow)   Norway
“On/Off”                         (Thierry Lorenzi)   France
“La Carnada”                 (Josh Soskin)   Mexico
“Mend And Make Do”    (Bexie Bush)   England
“The Bravest, The Boldest”                           (Monn Molson)                                 USA
“Rhino Full Throttle”   (Erik Schmitt)   Germany

“This film festival will unite people in all corners of the globe, from Sydney to Mumbai, from Buenos Aires to Cairo. Venues also include cinemas in 20 cities in the Ukraine, 40 cities in Russia, and 47 states in the USA. In times like these, cross-border events like MANHATTAN SHORT that contribute toward greater tolerance and understanding are needed more than ever.  I want to thank and congratulate all the filmmakers and cinemas involved in this global cinematic event. This project is not going to cable TV or Video on Demand, it’s about communities bonding together via their local cinema,” said MANHATTAN SHORT Founding Director Nicholas Mason.

MANHATTAN SHORT began in 1998, when Mason screened 16 short films onto a screen mounted to the side of a truck on Mulberry Street, Little Italy, in New York City. A year later, the Festival moved uptown to Union Square Park in New York City. In the aftermath of 9/11, MANHATTAN SHORT transformed into a worldwide phenomenon, becoming the only film festival on the planet that unfolds, simultaneously, in more than 250 cinemas on six continents, bringing over 100,000 film-lovers in all corners of the globe together for one week, via the next generation of filmmakers. Click here to read how it all began  For more information on the Festival and to read detailed interviews with the 10 Finalists visit www.ManhattanShort.com or click on the following links: 

Download 300 dpi stills of the finalist films at  http://www.manhattanshort.com/p_press_finalist_stills.html

To see a list of cinemas taking part in 2014 at     http://www.manhattanshort.com/cinemas.html

To read interviews with Filmmakers at      http://www.manhattanshort.com/finalists.html

View and Post Trailer for Festival: at     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Jw-p3mwlyo

Download the Trailer for your story/website:   http://www.manhattanshort.com/trailer.html

Read how the event began:    http://www.manhattanshort.com/how_it_all_began.html