Permitting & Regulations

Do I need a Permit?

You need a permit if:

  • You are producing a feature/independent film/video/digital-related project that affects city/parish/state property, equipment or facilities. This includes public property such as sidewalks, highways, and parks.
  • Your production is taking place on private property and involves production vehicles and or crew vehicles parking on the street, involves the display of firearms, use of gunfire;or involves pyrotechnics.


When do I apply for a Permit? 

We will do our best to accommodate late applications, however we request all documents be submitted 10 business days before filming.


How do I apply for a Permit?

All Production Must Submit these 4 Items: 

If Necessary, please submit the following: 

Please send all permits to: 


What information do I need to fill out the Permit forms?

  1. Filming location(s)
  2. Dates, times
  3. City services requested – A production activity report to include but not limited to general vehicle list, number of personnel, location logistics, traffic needs/road closures, and use of large equipment.
  4. Certificate of Insurance – Mandatory for permitting, the insurance must additionally insure the appropriate city, parishes or state of Louisiana. General Liability is $1 million. The certificate of insurance must be provided for the permit to be processed and the Baton Rouge Film Commission must be notified immediately by the policyholder if insurance coverage is lowered or dropped.


What happens after I submit for my Permit? 

The Baton Rouge Film Office will email the executed permit to the production, which must be kept on set at all times during filming. 

Depending on production needs, the Baton Rouge Film office may request a pre-production meeting between our office, the production heads and the appropriate law enforcement agencies for road closures, crowd control, public buildings, supervision of pyrotechnic effects and any other city, parish or state service.